Денис Мацуев: Фортепианные концерты Чайковского и Шостаковича

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Марисс Янсонс (дирижёр)
Денис Мацуев (фортепиано)

RCA Red Seal (88697002332)
Международный релиз: январь 2007

Релиз: 20 января 2007

«“His power: limitless. His octave and scale technique: without comparison. His touch: highly differentiated. Nobody plays quicker, bolder, more transparent. Betimes one has the impression; a five-armed juggler is juggling five barbells of 50 kilo each, as though they were paper balls. Similarly the young Horowitz must have sounded. Jubilation in the audience.”»
Westdeutsche Zeitung, August 7, 2006