Денис Мацуев: Стравинский и Чайковский

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Денис Мацуев исполняет произведения И. Стравинского и П. Чайковского

Денис Мацуев (фортепиано)

RCA Red Seal (82876799612)
Международный релиз: апрель 2006

Релиз: 1 апреля 2006

«“Whenever the music was wild and eccentric, we could rely on Denis Matsuev to impress us. Remorselessly he sent Liszt's witches' dance thundering into the hall, sometimes pianistically debatable, hazarding wrong notes, but also courageously taking risks. That was a thrilling and rousing experience. Stravinsky's "Petrushka" suite inspired him to take many rhythmic liberties.”»
V. Boser, Abendzeitung